October 2008
This Indian Standard Scout 750cc 1932 was stolen from my home during the time 2008-08-19 to 2008-08-27.
Registrationnumber EKB746, framenumber 203115, enginenumber BOC115.
Hint that will bring the bike back to me in this shape will be payed with 1000 euros.
Peter Johansson, +46-918-22020 or Indian_motorcycles@hotmail.com.


July 2007
1941 Indian Chief + side car
Stolen in Dinkelsbühl (Germany)
More here : http://www.indian-service.com/MainAS.html


May 28th 2005
Stolen Powerplus in Norway
Picture and contact


I would like to make you aware that recently two container loads of motorcycles have been stolen during transport. The motorcycles were purchased mainly from a private motorcycle collection in Nepal. The list below gives only a summary of the most valuable machines and is not the complete list. Currently we are in the progress of undertaking legal action. Please be aware that these motorcycles are stolen. It is expected that all documentation presented with the motorcycles are forged. I would appreciate if you could contact me in case any of the motorcycles turn up on auctions meetings or are offered for sale, my E-mail address is: hverkuil@hotmail.com


Harry Verkuil.

Year Model Frame No. Engine No.
1923 Ace XP4 3241
1923 Ace XP4 3347
1932 Indian Four 403161 DOC 111
1937 Indian Four 437123 DCG 123
1937 Indian Four 437124 DCG 124
1937 Indian Four 437125 DCG 125
1937 Indian Four 437126 DCG 126
1937 Indian Four 437127 DCG 127
1942 Indian Chief 341139 CDA 110
1941 Indian Four 441136 DDA 136
1941 Indian Four 441137 DDA 137
1941 Indian Four 441138 DDA 138
1941 Indian Four 441139 DDA 139
1941 Indian Chief 341160 CDA 136
1941 Indian Chief 341116 CDA 106
1942 Sport Scout 64226 FDB 162
1940 Indian Four 440187 DD 0166
1950 Indian Chief 3501098 CEJ 1108
1952 Warrior CS 4076
1929 McEvoy V-twin
1951 Vincent Super Rapid
1929 Henderson KJ
Flying 819


(English text follows)

Indians volées le samedi 28 août 1999 à Blekken Pot Keihem (Belgique)

Moteur n° CDG 8357
Cadre n° 3477376.
Roulante, ancienne restauration, allumagne électronique, génératrice Bosh, rouge emblèmes de réservoir modèles 1946
Immatriculée en Allemagne : RE - DM 4.

Moteur n° BCC 112
Cadre n° 233112
Entièrement restaurée, problèmes de moteur, compteur Corbin tand sad
immatriculée en Hollande : XH-85-11 Toutes informations sont les bienvenues si vous voyez ces motos prenez contact avec moi ou en anglais ou allemand avec le président du club Indian Allemagne (presi@indianclub.de)


STOLEN INDIANS !! Stolen on Saturday 28th august "99 at area Blekken Pot Keihem Belgium:

Engine # CDG 8357
Frame # 3477376.
Good runner, older restauration, transistor ignition, Bosch generator, red, 1946 tank emblems,
German License Plate RE - DM 4.

Engine # BCC 112
Frame # 233112
Fully restored, Engine Problems, Corbin speedo, Passenger Seat,
Dutch License Plate XH-85-11

Any information that will help to locate the bikes are very much appreciated.
If these bikes show up somewhere please contact the president of the German Indian Club
email: presi@indianclub.de

De: "Altjo Medema" 
Objet: Stolen bikes!!!
Date : vendredi 25 juin 2004 00:03

Hello Indians and others,

Your attention for the list of bikes and pictures that I received today,
please forward to all known indian and harley riders/owners/traders so
the bikes can be traced!


Altjo Medema
President IMCN

Thursday 24th of june the following bikes were stolen from Jan Kennis
(director/owner of OIT Harley Davidson Breda, Holland):


- Big Chief with sidecar - 1200 cc - 1946 picture
  color:               sunshine yellow
  framenr.:            CDH1200
  enginenr.            CDG4361B
  odometer:            200 km


- 500 c - 500 cc - 1929
  1 cylinder with 2 headlights
  color:            olivegreen
  framenr.:         29-C-1349
  enginenr.         29-C-1349
  odometer:         022037

- 1000 F - 1000 cc - 1920 picture 1 picture 2
  color:            green
  framenr.:         20T20917
  enginenr.         20T20917
  licneceplatenr.:  T1546

- Duo Glide panhead - 1200 cc - 1964 picture
  color:            ivorywhite
  framenr.:         B8726
  enginenr.         64FLH6847
  licenceplatenr    ZM-19-05

Degene die kan zorgen voor het geheel terugbezorgen van mijn geliefde
motoren kan een bedrag van Euros  10.000,-- tegemoet zien in alle discretie,
van Jan Kennis
Those who can provide my favourite bikes back will recieve Euros  10.000,--
from Jan Kennis.